Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Blogger Privacy

Your blog can be private. It does not have to be advertised to the world.

1. After you sign in, click Manage Settings.
2. Click on the Basic tab.
3. Three questions from the top you will see the following: Add your Blog to our listings?
4. Use the pull down menu to select: No
4. At the bottom of the screen click Save Settings.

Blogger Control

It’s entirely up to you whether or not your blog shows, or hides comments from others.

1. After you sign in, click Manage Settings.
2. Click the Comments tab.
3. Four questions from the bottom of the page you will find: Enable comment moderation?
4. Click Yes
5. Enter the email address you want Blogger to use to notify you if a non-member leaves a comment on your blog.
6. The last question at the bottom of the screen says Comment notification address.
7. Enter the email address you want Blogger to use when anyone leaves a comment on your blog.
8. At the bottom of the screen click Save settings.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Why Projects Based Learning Works

Projects based learning is a comprehensive way for students to engage in higher order thinking in which they gain an in depth understanding of facts and concepts. Pupils take part in projects and use a variety of skills that can span the range from English Language Arts, math, science, Social Studies, music, technology, graphic arts, construction, and pre-engineering.
Click here for McKee High School project ideas.

Click here for project based learning checklists.

Click here for information about projects that are working for schools throughout the country.

Independent Study - Making it Virtual

McKee High School is turning independent study into a virtual learning experience. Students have the opportunity through on-line, guided, standards based lessons to advance gaining credits. Pupils go to their guidance counselor and request to sign up for Independent Study.

What is needed? A check-up on eligibility, the desire, drive, and awareness to correctly complete the assignments that call on students to creatively display their wide range of talents through completing a series of projects.
Click here for more information about Independent Study.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Welcome Back Breakfast a Blast

Kudos and congratulations to the organizational efforts of the McKee PTA Executive Board for the successful, well attended meeting of parents and staff members on Saturday, September 8, 2007. There was a great cross section of parents from every grade level.

The breakfast was scrumptious and the presentations highlighted the many exciting programs occurring in the school. I am so proud of the incredible turnout. The next step for me to learn how to do is increase my eye-hand coordination so that I can take pictures with my cell phone.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Back to School Preparations

What a busy two days before the students enter the school on Tuesday, September 4th.
I have been deeply moved by the range and breadth of the detail provided in our colleagues' September timelines of curriculum that are posted in classrooms and in departmental offices.

Blogs are popping up all over in the McKee Community. I am delighted by the creative entries from the multi-talented staff that will keep both students and parents in the loop as to what is happening in the classroom.

Hats off to Anthony Pigis for his comprehensive blog. Click here to check it out.

Every year, every principal has to go over the Chancellor's regulations. Now I know why. I thought I knew but I had no idea until I refreshed my memory by making a quick guide so that salient points would stick in my brain. Check it out.
Click here for The Abridged Guide to the Most Recent Chancellor's Regulations.

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