Monday, March 10, 2008

A Friend to Teachers: Kathy Schrock's Wonderful Web Resources

Click on the title and be whisked away to the amazing guide of teacher resources at Kathy Schrock's site. For an abbreviated list, check out some of the top picks below:
At this site new teachers will find the support and ideas they need to “survive” those first few years, including the U.S. Department of Education's Survival Guide for New Teachers. Be sure to see the “classroom resources” and “professional resources” links on the main page.
The National Education Association maintains this “Works4Me” site, an archive of its weekly e-mail messages containing classroom tips and a place where teachers share ideas with other teachers. The teaching techniques and management ideas make a visit to this site a must for all teachers.
Teachers Net advertises itself as the ultimate teacher's resource. This lively looking site is filled with resources, including chatrooms, live events, columns, lesson plans, and useful articles. The site is regularly updated and is divided into easy-to-navigate categories, most of which have substantial numbers of web page listings. Don't miss the “Lesson Plans” category.
This site is backed by the extensive resources of the Discovery Channel. Arguably the most important feature of the site is “Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators,” which lists Schrock's Web picks on everything from Aesop's Fables online to a zoology Internet resource guide! Find this guide by clicking on “For Teachers” on the home page and then on “Best Web Links.”
“We tracked it down so you don't have to” is the subtitle of EduHound: Everything for Education K12. This web page offers a prescreened directory of over 20,000 links organized into over 50 categories. Click on a topic, and you will find hundreds of lesson plans and links to resources useful in every imaginable teaching situation.
There is little doubt that teachers everywhere will increasingly use the Web as a tool for teaching. The major bottleneck to that reality is that teachers nowhere have the time it takes to comb the Web for the many resources they might use. This site, Learners Online, Inc., capitalizes on the extensive educational Internet resources. You are instructed to “bring along your browser and a curious mind.” (There is a subscription fee for taking fullest advantage of this resource

For an index of tools and ideas for excellence in teaching practice, check out Online PhD. Find ideas about every concern in education, from creating a syllabus to preparing better lesson plans.
Every year the federal government spends millions of dollars to improve educational opportunities for all children in the United States. At this site you will find links to much of the work the money funds, making all of it freely and quickly available to the classroom teacher and administrator. Teachers should not pass up the information, resources, and opportunities that are offered here.

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