Sunday, August 24, 2008

What Does Ms. Henry Look For In A Satisfactory Lesson?

1. Is the teacher standing by the door greeting pupils as they enter the classroom?
2. Is there an Aim / Agenda, Do Now? What is the procedure to collect classwork and homework?
3. Is there a motivation of 5 minutes in the form of a visual, audio, pop culture tie in connection to the lesson or reflection (such as a journal entry)?
4. What part of the motivation will enrich the knowledge of the students after they present their responses?
5. Is there a mini lesson in which the skill to be learned is modeled, and the content is discussed?
6. Does the teacher appropriately use one of the sites to help students make important connections to the lesson content?
7. Is there distribution and explanation of the rubric?
8. Is there an explanation of the group work, or differentiated instruction with designated group roles or steps pre-posted on chart paper, PowerPoint, or handout?
9. Is the teacher walking from group to group (with a seating chart) monitoring the progress of the students by taking anecdotal notes as to who is on task, who is advancing, and who is struggling?
10. Are the students either doing a gallery walk of posted group work, or share out core understandings that build toward answering the aim?
11. Is the final summary provided by the students? Are the pupils able to either repeat, or elaborate on the answer to the aim?
12. Is the homework assignment highly structure; scaffolding the learning from the day's lesson?

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