Thursday, September 18, 2008

5 Levers to Improve Student Learning - The Real Deal

Click on the title for the detailed key points from the straight talk from Chancellor Klein for the steps to improve student learning.
Here is the quick guide:
1. Every teacher must have a strong knowledge of the curriculuum. The key point to remember is that teachers have such a mastery of the content that they provide organized, enriching information, and develop the ability of the students to be independent, critical thinkers.
2. Every teacher needs to be able to differentiate instruction. The key point to remember is that the content must line up with the curriculum and teachers have many ways to help kids get it.
3. Every teacher must use data from assessments to guide how they deliver the content to students and to monitor if students are getting it. The key point to remember is after indicating the skill to the students, there should be a pre-test. Tell the students where they stand. The skill is taught through a rich array of content using different strategies. At the end of the week or two weeks, there is a post-test, and the students realize their level of growth in becoming proficient at that skill or set of skills.
4. Teamwork among professionals is powerful. The key point to remember is that teachers need to meet to look at student work, understand how students perform, and dril down to find out what feedback students need to move their learning.
5. The principal needs to support student and adult learning. The key point to remember is that the UFT Teacher's Center in room 103A is an available place to meet, hash out, practice, and try out lessons with Rita Kelly and Stephanie Malvasio. Students at McKee have block programming in core academic areas and are heterogeneously grouped.
Oh by the way - you know the big lady in room 111, I heard tell that a few of her nicknames are "Lesson Lab Lady" and "Resource Lady."

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