Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Reinforcing a Healthy Classroom Climate

To help make every child proficient and prepared for success, here are a few tips to guide students toward demonstrating appropriate behavior:

1. Only call on students who quietly raise their hands and state what the pupil is doing: "Jay has his hand up and is not talking. I'll call on him."

2. Take corrective action if students continue to shout out answers by restating the directions, "The directions were to raise your hands and wait to be called upon before speaking - that's a warning."

3. Stand next to students who are having trouble participating appropriately during a discussion.

4. Have potentially disruptive students model how to behave.

5. Have students Think (for 1 to 2 minutes) - Pair - and - Share it when they all want to speak.

For more information about these techniques click right here -- Ms. Henry's wikispaces.

The tips are courtesy of Lee Canters Classroom Management for Academic Success

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