Monday, November 17, 2008

It's Here . . . ARIS

ARIS . . . It actually works!
Greetings McKee Community:
Check out what Mr. Pedersen says when he clicked on the link to ARIS.

Ms Henry -
"Thanks for the heads up on ARIS finally getting off the ground. Its quite a bit different than what it was supposed to be, but it IS very intuitive/easy to use and almost.... FUN! (eek!) I'm actually going to . . . explore students being able to use my ARIS blog for resources and communication. The way these pages mesh so seamlessly with the NYCDOE database, Wiki and other web entities suggests that this portal will become quite useful and an efficient resource for years to come."

What is ARIS? It stands for Achievement Reporting and Innovation System and now it has been revised as a tool that is actually relevant for increasing student success.
Click on the title, picture or right - ARIS. When you see LOGIN - type in your Outlook User ID. Your Passwword is the Outlook Password. It is so cool.

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Coltrane II said...

ARIS will help with testing procedures!

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