Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Mr. Pigis' Cisco Students Do A "Jing"

Click on the title and see how Mr. Pigis is having his CISCO students be responsible for demonstrating their learning of the content from his course by doing a Jing. Today, one team of students made a separate blog called CISCO MADE EASY. Click on the words CISCO MADE EASY and check out their Jing.

Ah, you ask, what is Jing? For a detailed answer, just click on the word Jing. Did you click on it? You should. I'll wait. Here's the word again, Jing.

See how easy it is to have your students show others what they know about a particular subject. It is so cool.

So you know what is going to happen next. The students will be teaching all of us how to do a Jing. More importantly, it is a great, interactive, technology driven, strategy in which students are responsible for showing what they know.

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