Monday, January 7, 2008

Differentiated Instruction - What does that look like?

Click on the title to see a PowerPoint about - differentiated instruction. You will see how colleagues, administrators, and visitors are able to tell at a glance whether differentiated instruction is happening in your classroom. Yes, it is that obvious. My colleagues, when dealing with differentiated instruction, here are a few facts that we must remember. 1) Schools who know how to do this started small; 2) schools who know how to do differentiated instruction are ready and willing to have visitors stop by and see it with their own eyes; 3) we will be checking out the schools that are able to walk the walk and talk the talk of differentiated instruction.

As we enter into discussions as to what differentiated instruction looks like in the classroom, I am reminded of the beginning words Tina Turner uses to her introduction of Creedence Clearwater's "Proud Mary." First we'll start out easy, to get our feet wet; then we'll get rough"(in other words - own the process).

Cranking Out Think Pair Share Examples For the Classroom

Click on the title to check out handouts and sample questions to give to students to guide them through the think-pair-share (TPS) process.

How did I do it? I am sitting in front of the television, viewing one of my favorite reality shows and at the same time surfing the web. I looked at two examples and realized that the format could be applied to many different types of media and subject areas. The first few handouts were templates and with the magic of copy, cut and paste, as you can see, one can craft as many handouts to suit the needs of the students, one's lessons, and the curriculum.

The rewind on the advantages to TPS: it's easy, flexible, accessible, and one is able to quickly assess student learning.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

What's is TPS?

Click on the title to get an overview of TPS, also known as think-pair share. It is a fast, user-friendly cooperative learning strategy to get kids to accountably talk, and organize their effort in a productive manner throughout the course of a lesson.

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