Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ways to Develop Vocabulary

Words are our friends. That is the mantra we say to our students, but how do we make that so in the classroom? We should teach what we do.
Given that students are kinesthetic, audio, and visual learners, we as teachers have to constantly be mindful that all students need to see, hear, and manipulate words in academic writing and language in each daily lesson.

Below is a list of classroom teaching strategies that focus on developing vocabulary in students. As the McKee Community contributes information, this section of the blog will become more interactive.

1. Vocabulary Sandwiches
  • When you click on the words Vocabulary Sandwiches you will see two 8.5" X 14" handouts. The key point is that students can be responsible for selecting a word, defining it, indicating the part of speech. Students should write an original sentence and/or interpret a sentence from the text. One can even make a game of it by having the students stand in line around the room making sure that they are responsible for correctly alphabetize the words, or making a human crossword puzzle.
2. Analogy graphic organizer
  • Teaching analogies is a step by step process. Make sure you model finding an interpreting an analogy. Click here to see the directions.
  • Next, click here to make sure that you have a blank analogy graphic organizer sheet to give students the opportunity to spot analogies or to create their own.

The suggestions and handouts are from Doug Buehl's highly useful book entitled Classroom Strategies for Interactive Learning.

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