Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Getting Granular Through Student Data - Phase 1

I had a wonderful meeting with Richard D'Auria, the ESO6 SAF, who greatly clarified for the entire cabinet the purpose of CFI Interface. What is CFI Interface? It stands fore Children's First Intensive. It is a website: http://www.8cfi.com/ that consists of tabs for each team in one's school. The teams document how they are meeting and supporting one another to help students who perform in the lowest one third of the cohort. By helping the lowest one third, one eventually builds the capacity of the school to move all student learning.

Banish the thought of once a month department meetings. The push is to have teachers meet on a weekly basis and have conversations about how to help students who are struggling academically in their classes.

From the meeting with Mr. D'Auria I created a blueprint to help the assistant principals and myself know the next steps in order to accurately relay the information to the entire school community. Click on the title or right here to access: Getting Granular About Moving Student Learning.

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