Monday, April 13, 2009

Interacting with the Text Strategies

Good readers and writers have many ways to respond to what they see in a textbook or in a literary work. It is significant to give students an opportunity to choose passages that are meaningful to them from a reading selection and then to react as to why the passages were important to them.

One way to get students to see the connection between reading and writing is through having them complete Activating Schema Charts. A method that I have found to be useful in the classroom is to pair students up. Assign them specific portions of the text. The pair must agree on the passages within the assigned pages that they want to choose or explain why they are able to appreciate the choice his or her partner has made. Students then share out their responses in the whole group setting of the class or within a discussion group. The chart must be complete and correct to receive credit. One can also use a general classwork rubric from

Another method of connecting reading to writing that involves nonfiction or fictional texts is Activating Schema Assignment Templates. The templates are suggestions for scaffolding instruction to help students develop the habit of reacting to what they have read and then writing about it using academic language.

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