Wednesday, April 29, 2009


This is the first class of students to receive the infant simulators from RealtyWorks. We were able to do this pilot program due to the generosity of John Tabacco and Patty Caltabiano. As the students cope with the reality of caring for their infant for 72 hours, we will share their progress.
Each student had to receive parental permission to participate in the pilot program.

The students received a “car seat” and bag with blanket, bottle, diapers, and swaddling clothes.

In the class, students also signed their name by the dotted line indicating they accepted the responsibility of caring for their new charge, and chronicling their experiences in a journal.

As a little side note – I was standing by the morning entrance with two other administrators and the Level III. One of the young men who had an infant simulator was walking in at a brisk pace, with a flushed face. He indicated he only got “3 hours worth of sleep.” The young man who is passionate about fixing classic muscle cars from the 60’s indicated that he originally planned to do an oil change after school. He declared loudly as he turned and dashed to class, baby in hand, “that’s not getting done.”

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