Friday, May 29, 2009

Baby Think It Over

There are many parts to making a new pilot work. It takes a great deal of research, time, commitment, dedication and buy in.

First, there was the alarm - recent articles noting a spike in teen pregnancy.

Second, taking a close, uncompromising look at the rate of teen pregnancy within a high school - our high school.

Third, brainstorming meetings with social workers and nurse about effective strategies to address the issue.

Fourth, writing a proposal to get the funding.

Fifth, presenting an overview of the ideals for the pilot to prospective philanthropists.

Sixth, meetings with the teachers and co-teachers to select material, standards, activities, to create unit.

Seventh, implementation of the new pilot program would be exposed to students in Health class deal with an infant simulator manufactured by Reality Works.

The key facilitator in putting the nuts and bolts together of making the pilot study of using 10 infant simulators a reality is Noreen Mullen.

Click on the title or right here to see the overview of the Baby Think It Over Curriculum piloted at Ralph McKee High School

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