Sunday, June 21, 2009

Baby Think It Over and a Meeting B/T Mediators

Click here to see the Baby Think it Over and a Meeting Between Mediators PowerPoint that was given by Noreen Mullen, the Assistant Principal of Security, Physical Education and Health to the cabinet, the school leadership team, and Ms. Caltobiano, the wonderful philanthropist from the World of Women Organization. The presentation highlights a few minutes out of the 72 hours that the students shared in their journals. Yes - we got student approval for the snippets. Next stop is to get the students to blog their experiences. Who knew that they felt so traumatized just from having 72 hours that they begged off from making anything digital as they needed to feel their journal was a private sounding board.

I know, you're thinking, what do you mean the students were traumatized. After 1 week, 3, weeks, 6 weeks, and even at the 8 week mark, students spoke passionately about their experiences with the infant simulators. I'll share one quick experience:
"I tell my boss I'm in health. He of course says, don't bring it. In fact he fires me, saying he doesn't want anything that cries at work. I say fine, cause I've got to pass health. He calls me up the same day he fires me and says, there's too much work, come in. I do. I'm heading to work. The baby starts crying. I realize I've got to go back to school and put it on babysitting mode or else my boss will flip. On my way back to school, I'm texting my boss. I get back to school, I've got to find the teacher with the remote to program the baby. Miss, I'm trying to find him. I'm texting my boss that I'm finding the teacher. I find the teacher. He programs it. I'm now heading back to work. I get to work. I put the baby in the basket down. I head over to start work on the car, doing my job, and what do I see, my boss is @#$*(&, sorry miss, he's throwing the baby up in the air and catching it. I yell at him, "What are you doing?" Miss, I suffered. It was stress. Nothing but stress. I still think you guys put the babies on the hard cycle.
Note: We didn't. Honest. All of the infant simulators were on the Easy Cycle. Come by when we get ready to have our freshman students in Health class, Fall 2009, with the infant simulators.

Next on the presentation you will see when we had an intervisitation in which a few peer mediators from McKee High School visited veteran peer mediators from Curtis High School.

A little background: Curtis High School has a long established and celebrated peer mediation program. Noreen Mullen is a powerhouse dynamo Assistant Principal of Security and Physical Education at McKee. Working closely with the social workers at McKee, the Integrated Service Center Security Specialist, and the 120th Precinct, along with the New York Center for Interpersonal Development, she looked for opportunities in which the peer mediation program could grow and the peer mediators could gain experience. An opportunity presented itself when during the course of the year the mediators from Curtis High School set up an afterschool intervisitation.

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