Sunday, June 14, 2009

Staten Island PTA Federation Luncheon Award Winner

I can not believe how fast June 15th has arrived, the last day of classes. There has been a great deal of activities that have occurred. I can not let the school year end without showing pictures of some of the highlights from several ceremonies that occurred in the month of June. Let's start with the Staten Island PTA Federation Luncheon. Every year this incredible group of representatives from every Parent Teacher Association in Staten Island sponsors a contest. This year the theme was about diversity. The young lady in the picture is the winner from Ralph McKee High School, Bebuo Ewa (pronounced Baybow - Eee-wah). She is a highlly talented senior with an incredible sense of public service; in fact she has over 400 hours of community service to her credit. Both of her parents were there. This is where my shaky picture taking comes in, I was able to capture her mother, who is sitting behind Bebuo but not her father. Yeah it is always a very interesting proposition when I take a picture.

She'll be going to John Jay College and will major in business law and minor in media-communications. The event happened at the Hilton Garden Inn and it is an opportunity for everyone to enthusiastically and energetically meet and greet. By the way, the pretty lady in yellow is our new PTA President at Ralph McKee High School. Her name is Pat Manley. Next to her is our parent coordinator, Mary McVey.

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