Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Quality Review - 2009-2010 - Phase 1

It always takes me a while to wrap my mind around what is being required when I come back from a principal's conference or workshop or meeting or session. I work through the process by writing about it, marking the text, asking questions, creating visuals, and working collaboratively with the school community.

Let's get it started with 5 take away points from the Quality Review Principal Feedback session:

1. The Quality Review has been in existence for 3 years.
2. The rubric for the Quality Review has been modified for the 3rd time.
3. The Quality Review has 3 levels:
--Underdeveloped with proficient features,
--Proficient, and
--Well developed
4. The school community, 90% at least, should be able to use one or more of the accountability tools, on a daily basis.
5. The accountability tools are: Inquiry Teams, ARIS, 8cfi.com, Periodic Assessments.

Educational Geek Moment:
- Two educational researchers - Costa and Kallick created Habits of Mind which is part of the language used in the Quality Review
- Douglas Reeves wrote a very famous book called Making Standards Work which also seems to influence the structure and the next steps for the growth of the inquiry teams

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