Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Math and Science Teachers Pre-Observation Meetings

In line with our SMART Goals, the subject area assistant principals and myself are meeting with the subject area teachers to discuss the expectations in the classroom so that it is a meaningful pre-observation conference. First up were the math and science instructors. Yes, I took a picture, because collaboration between instructors in swapping advice and technicques is powerful. Our school is taking steps to systemically incorporate time for teachers to meet. The picture above shows the members of the math department meeting and trading strategies to encourage student accountability.

The process was repeated for the science instructors. Particularly insightful moments were going over the elements of Costa and Kallick's questioning techniques, their alignment with Bloom's Taxonomy, and the blueprint to helping students develop their critical thinking skills.

Click here to see a lesson plan template that was an outgrowth from the career and technical education subject area meeting courtesy of Mr. Robert McGillicuddy. Note, it is color coded. In addition, the career and technical education standards and technological literacy standards are also included. This is a starting point for teachers to have discussions as to which standards are the most crucial links between subject areas.

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