Saturday, November 28, 2009

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on Tuesday, Nov. 24, 2009

Big doings at McKee High School on Tuessday, November 24, 2009. At 3:15, Congressman McMahon, Kevin Hunt (Executive Director from Councilman Mitchell's office), Borough President Molinaro, and Superintendent Waite arrived at the Black Box Theater. After a brief slide show, there were speeches of gratitude for the work and support from the principal (your friendly blogger), Mr. Joseph O'Brien (the master of ceremonies), Ms. Katherine Kish (AP Math/Science), and Prof. Sonia Fields (Librarian). Additional expressions of gratitude were offered to Mr. Bruce Pane, the Drafting/Architecture teacher and his junior drafting class for designing the front half of the library. Their creativity were invaluable aids to realizing the layout envisioned by Prof. Fields.

Ms. Meryl Sheridan looks on as Superintendent Waite hears about the labs being conducted in the Forensics Science class.

Seated is Steven Martinez, a member off McKee High School's student council, explaining one of the features on the MAC to (from left to right) Kevin Hunt, Borough President Molinaro, Mary McVey (parent coordinator), Congressman McMahon and Ms. Patricia Manley (PTA president).

The Black Box Theater, room 221, was designed by McKee High School's junior drafting class under the instruction of Mr. Pane and then built by the senior construction class of 2009 under the instruction of Mr. Dennis O'Connell.

13 Student Council Members at the Nov. 24 Turkey Give Away

Time is one of the most precious elements a volunteer can give to a good cause. It is amazing the energy the members of our Student Council displayed on Tuesday, November 24th at the Thanksgiving Turkey Give Away sponsored by Borough President James Mollinaro. Here is an eye witness account of what happened from Ms. Starkey, the Coordinator of Student Activities.

The 13 student council members arrived at the location at 9 AM. Two tractor trailers pulled up. Next, the students, under the direction of the adult volunteers, set about putting the boxes together. The work does not end there. Tractor trailers do not unload themselves. The next step was to unload all of the goods: like the bags of potatoes and the over 1200 turkeys.
Then the items have to be organized into bundles to be distributed to the organizations such as Project Hospitality, food pantries, and families. The 13 Student Council members eagerly did this activity until 1 PM.
Hat's off to the Student Council on Tuesday, November 24th, they "worked it" in typical enthusiastic, soaring seagull style.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

McKee Student Council Members & Turkey Give Away

Check out the smiling faces from a group of McKee Student Council members who participated in the annual Turkey Give Away sponsored by the SI Urban League, and State Senator Savino on November 17, 2009. Our intrepid Ms. Starkey, the new Coordinator Of Student Activities, was instrumental in organizing our students to participate in this community service event.

Once the students arrived at the Staten Island Urban League office, they set about doing the prep work of breaking down the boxes, and organizing the items into neat bundles. The packages were then filled with turkeys, stuffing and the other traditional items used to celebrate the holiday.

Note the faces and the connections that occur. This event took place on Thursday, November 19, 2009. Way to go Soaring Seagulls. A great way to start of the holiday season.

Monday, November 16, 2009

News from the ACE Mentorship Program

Greetings from Tracy Pulla. I came in to talk to the principal about what is happening in the ACE Mentor program that myself and 10 other students from McKee High School started on October 9, 2009. We went to two meetings. The next one will be on November 23rd. A meeting occurs every two weeks.

So far, we have had an opportunity to split up into teams and exchange introductions. We went to Studio 16, which is a firm of one of the mentors on Staten Island. They showed us a number of buildings on Staten Island that they were responsible for designing and building.

What is exciting is the fact that we are working on a project. They are telling us to make a building. They are purposely pushing our minds to think as to how flexible we can be in addressing a need. The sky is the limit. They are not giving us any facts. Our minds are able to explore all the options. Our thoughts and creative input is valued. The project concerns a well known area of Staten Island that is next to South Beach. It's a pretty big strip of land. It used to be an arcade years ago. The goal is for us, the ACE mentors, to design a community center in an economically depressed neighborhood. The objective is for teenagers to have a place to stay out of trouble.

A big challenge is putting all of the ideas into one productive output. That is going to be hard. We all are committed about our ideas. There are restrictions that we all have to follow. In fact, the architects seem to take delight in the fact that they will be able to tell us what the restrictions are after we have designed the buildings. The idea is to work together to make the design a reality. Some of the students in the ACE Mentor program have already visited the area, taken

The ACE Mentor program is a great opportunity. It is more than what I hoped. I do a lot of things but this opportunity allows me to see the connection between Mr. Pane's architecture class and the real world. We feel empowered because we are able to discuss with professionals, using the language used in the businesses of architecture and construction. We also will be exposed to appreciating and analyzing classic structures in New York City such as the Guggenheim Museum.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Kaplan Lesson Bank

On November 3rd, there was a wonderful presentation by Ms. Katy Shannon about the Kaplan Lesson Bank.

Here are just a few reminders from that presentation:
1. Type in the address:
2. Click on Program Log In
3. Click on LessonBank" Link

Make sure that you put in your User Name and Password.

The next page you will see is called: Achievement Planner
Click on Get Lesson Plans.

access thousands of standards aligned lesson plans by clicking on: Select by Standard. This will give you access to ELA, Math, Science and Social Studies.

If you click on Select by Topic, you will only get access to ELA and Math.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Alumni Association Hall of Fame Ceremony

Ken McIntyre, the president of the Ralph R. McKee CTE High School Alumni Association presided over the Second Annual Alumni Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony taken by our resident student photographer, Ms. Joelle Connors.

The ceremony, which happened on October 19, 2009, honored McKee alumni Carmine DeSantis, John Nappi, John DePalma, and James Klein in McKee's new state of the art library.

Here are two of the honorees:

Mr. John DePalma

Mr. James Klein.

Apture Multimedia