Saturday, November 28, 2009

13 Student Council Members at the Nov. 24 Turkey Give Away

Time is one of the most precious elements a volunteer can give to a good cause. It is amazing the energy the members of our Student Council displayed on Tuesday, November 24th at the Thanksgiving Turkey Give Away sponsored by Borough President James Mollinaro. Here is an eye witness account of what happened from Ms. Starkey, the Coordinator of Student Activities.

The 13 student council members arrived at the location at 9 AM. Two tractor trailers pulled up. Next, the students, under the direction of the adult volunteers, set about putting the boxes together. The work does not end there. Tractor trailers do not unload themselves. The next step was to unload all of the goods: like the bags of potatoes and the over 1200 turkeys.
Then the items have to be organized into bundles to be distributed to the organizations such as Project Hospitality, food pantries, and families. The 13 Student Council members eagerly did this activity until 1 PM.
Hat's off to the Student Council on Tuesday, November 24th, they "worked it" in typical enthusiastic, soaring seagull style.

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