Friday, January 8, 2010

Career Day - January 7th at McKee High School

You see several pictures from our Career Day, which happened on Thursday, January 7th.

In the 1st picture, Mr. Akil Kamou, from the Staten Island Urban League is talking to the young ladies in the Cosmetology class. Seated is Ms. Rita Walsh, a union tile setter, who also spoke to the Cosmetology students.

So what does it take to organize a meaningful Career Day? 1. You have to have a committed professional, in this case, Ms. Brigitte Watson, from Legal Momentum, who is part of a team from the company to help recruit more young ladies into Career and Technical Education schools.
In the 2nd picture, Ms. Elaine Huffman is on the left, also in construction, and Mr. Dennis O'Connell is to the right and is McKee's Construction teacher.

2. One must have a committed professional inside the school who is a willing to be the liaison between the outside organization and the school, and is the contact person that speakers are able to reach. We were lucky to have Ms. Joyce Ippolito, our guidance counselor.

In the 3rd picture both Mr. Chiarelli and his daughter, a student at Duke University, spoke to the 9th grade AVID class.

3. In continuing the story of organizing the Career Day, next, one must look at the structure of how the speakers will reach the students. We decided that it would be more effective if the students stayed in their class and the speakers travelled to the different classrooms. Speakers were asked to encourage and provide inspiration to 9th grade through 12th grade students to show the link between education, choices, and achieving the career.

In the 4th picture, here are the early arrivals, from left to right Ms. Bartholdus (speaker, construction manager), Student Council Members, Mr. Agostino (in the back, speaker, Automotive Technology), Ms. Walsh (3rd from right in the front - tile setter); Mr. Chiarelli (speaker, Pre-Engineering), (Ms. Chiarelli (speaker - Duke University student), Student council member.
The student council members escorted the speakers from room to room.

In the 5th picture, Mr. Agostino, is talking to Mr. Coppi's math class. He also had a chance to talk to the students in the Automotive Technology program.

Career Day on January 7th was about having students see presentations about career options and the path needed to achieve success in those career options. This is just one step in the path to helping the students see the connection between what they learn in school and the paths they take toward fruitful experiences both during and after secondary school.

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