Friday, January 8, 2010

Dressing for Success - January 7th Career Day

Looking at these photographs just warms this educator's heart. Check out students who took the challenge to Dress for Success on the January 7th, 2010 Career Day at Ralph R. McKee High School.

The Career Day took a month of planning. Let me tell you, there is a big shout out to Ms. Joyce Ippolito, guidance counselor and Career Day coordinator and Ms. Brigitte Watson, Legal Momentum lawyer.

Who are the ladies on the top right. They are members of the 12th grade cosmetology students who embraced "Dressing for Success.

Teacher and student buy in is a must. What was important was connecting Dressing for Success to the event: Career Day. A select group of professionals would travel to different classes and do a presentation linking their life's journey to their chosen career.

Ms. Zambrano's English class took the challenge to heart. Ms. Zambrano is standing to the far left. The two young men next to her in suits made a very significant impression on a construction manager who gave them her business card.

The whole point of the Dress for Success Day was to inspire students to realize that impressions are made in 15 seconds. The point is to be a CHAMP - Confident, humane in how one treats others, attitude - positive, academics - keep it high, motivated, and prepared.

This was the first time that the school did Dress for Success. We indicated for 4 days prior to the event the importance of making an impression. As you can see the color scheme was white and black. Why? Everyone has a white shirt and a black pant or skirt.

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