Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Principal For A Day - Opening New Horizons

I had a chance to speak with the school's PENCIL Partner, Ms. Valarie Contrino, who is the CEO of Contrino Travel, Inc.

I tell you it is a wonderful shot in the arm when a school is able to exchange ideas with a business person. Ms. Contrino is presently in the early stages of collaborating with other business women to create a network that focuses on business opportunities as well as community service options.

Stay tuned as this principal learns a thing or two or three about the power of networking through observing Ms. Contrino.

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Contrino Travel Inc. said...

Thanks Sharon for your wonderful blog about Contrino Travel. It is I that is the lucky one to have met you and your students and are learning a thing or two about McKee as well. I look forward to and value our continued partnership.

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