Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Students Excited About Math - Check it Out

I just looked at this amazing video about a competition that combines gaming with math. Click here to see the video clip.

Here's the low down:

NYC Mega Bowl Overview

The DimensionM Mega Bowl is a student tournament featuring Tabula Digita’s immersive video gaming software (a tool to increase student engagement in math and generate school spirit, team-work and excitement). The tournament will be held at Columbia University’s Lerner Hall, on Friday, March 12, 2010 from 10 am – 12 pm. A boxed lunch will be provided at the end of the tournament for students to take with them. Schools will be responsible for transportation to and from the NYC Mega Bowl event. .

Mega Bowl winners will be awarded various prizes such as Nintendo, iPods, gift certificates, and additional DimensionM™ licenses, thanks to the generosity of our event sponsors.

Getting to the NYC Mega Bowl: Participation in the 3rd Annual NYC Mega Bowl will be based on the frequency of DimensionM™ online use, either team-based or individual, for the pre-qualification period of February 1-28, 2010:

  • Individual Competition - the two (2) top elementary(grades 3-5) and the two (2) top middle schools (grades 6-8) in the five geographic DOE boroughs (Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn North, Queens & Brooklyn South/Staten Island) with the highest online frequency will be invited to send individuals to compete in the Meltdown II multi-player math game.
  • Team Competition - the top two (2) middle schools (grades 6-8) and the top two (2) high schools (grades 9-12) with the highest online frequency will be invited to send a five-member team to compete in the Swarm II multi-player pre-algebra game.

Schools are welcome and encouraged to send students from Mega Bowl participating classes to support the competing students.

Note that qualification will be based on use of the new DimensionM game, version3. You may request a copy of the new game by contacting Elissa Seto at: .

Next Steps
  • Schools to increase their game usage to qualify for the Mega Bowl
  • Schools to begin planning for transportation, should they qualify (sample permission slip and media consent forms are attached and are required for all participating students)
  • DOE & Tabula Digita announce participants and the specific math skills to be covered in tournament by March 3rd.

Support: Should you have any questions regarding the NYC Mega Bowl tournament, please feel free to contact Valrie Edwards at for assistance. We look forward to your participation in this wonderful event.

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