Saturday, March 6, 2010

Daily Walk Thru - Overview

It is always a privilege to enter classrooms. The daily walk thru that was conducted on March 3rd, 2010 was very informative.

Here are the top three practices that make me kick up my heels in glee and are exemplary:
1. Students engaged in structured opportunities to speak about content knowledge, concepts and issues.
2. Teachers assisting students to elaborate and build on the ideas of other students.
3. Teachers organizing the classroom so that students know the specific duties, tasks, or assignments they must complete. There is a buzz - literally it is a "hive" of focused activity while the teacher walks around and monitors or conferences with students.

Here are the top three pedagogical practices that make me "shudder":
1. Students copying vocabulary from a textbook.
2. Students grouped in large clusters. In each cluster only 1 student knows what to do.
3. No rubrics explained or connected to the assignments. There are bare bulletin boards inside the classroom. The impression is that students did not do any work in the past 4 weeks of the spring term.

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