Thursday, March 11, 2010

Effective Questioning Techniques

Click here to see Effective Questioning Techniques.

During class, both the teacher and the student should practice using questions that increasingly expand their ability to do analytical and critical thinking.

How would you use the PowerPoint?
I would laminate each page. I would then use the data I have from the previous class based upon EXIT cards. I would then have the laminated questions for the group based upon their understandings from the previous day.

Another idea - make 6 copies of the Effective Questioning Technique PowerPoint. Laminate. Each group now has a complete set. Each student within the group is responsible for asking one question from one style of question to the entire group and recording the answers.

How does one practice?
Just do it.
Start easy with a knowledge based question and then move up the ladder of questioning techniques. (For the high falutin'terms: Maslow's Hierarchy OR Costa and Kallick's Habits of Mind. Make it your mission to use knowledge to analytical questions. Do it for a week. You get the point.

The teacher should not be the only one asking questions. Students should be able to ask questions of each other and their should be a session where students hear and see models of complete responses.

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