Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Take Your Child to Work Day At McKee

The pictures below reflect only a small portion of the staff members who brought their children to work. What was on the agenda you ask?
8-8:45 - Meet and greet in the principal's office + breakfast
8:47-9:33 - Pledge and tour of the building.
9:35-10:18 - Robotics demonstration
10:20-11:48 - Visitation to Junior Shops / Open Gym
11:50-12:33 - Lunch (Ah - the delights of pizza)
12:35-2:03 - Visitation to Sophomore Shops

The high school students who accompanied their parents were a bit camera shy. No matter.

The review: a good time was had by all. The students (and the parents) went home smiling and exhausted.

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