Thursday, May 13, 2010

McKee a Presence at UFT Spring 2010 Conference

10 representatives from McKee's Cosmetology and Auto program had a booth at the UFT Spring 2010 Conference. The students were excited, attentive and a hit with the visitors, particularly the students from Fashion Institute who turned to the Cosmetologists from McKee to enhance their fashion designs with the finishing touches of makeup and hair.

The teachers, Mr. David Sarno, Auto Instructor, and Ms. Buono, Cosmetology Instructor, chaperoned and watched over the students from 8 AM to 2 PM.

It is so heartening to see students demonstrating what they know. What is even cooler - is that another school comes over and trusts their hair, their very long hairto their peers in another school. Unlike the top styling salons which are "cut happy", the teens creatively used their skills to please the client.

Top brass from the NYCDOE stopped by like Chancellor Klein. In addition, Michael Mulgrew, President of the UFT, and Sterling Roberson, Vice President of the UFT visited the booth set up by McKee. This was our first year in which we had student representation at the UFT Spring Conference. Based upon the positive reaction, the students are revved to attend next year.

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