Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Real World According to Patricia Alexander

I am sitting at my desk - wrestling with tons of e-work when who should walk in but a 2009 graduate, Patricia Alexander. Here are her words of wisdom.:
"I am at LaGuardia Community College. I will be graduating in 2011. I will then transfer to McAllister College where I will get another degree. I will get an Associate's Degree from LaGuardia for Science and the degree from McAllister in Occupation." The career path that she is following is mortuary science.

Wait - let me add this piece, Patricia took it upon herself to line up her internship. She knows that McAllister College will give her the content, but the real world experience for her to truly understand the business aspects of managing a funeral home required that she be proactive. She investigated, researched, and interviewed. She dressed conservatively, stated what skills she can bring to the internship, answered in complete sentences, and was courteous. The result - Patricia landed the internship.

Patricia admits that she "struggled to get out of high school." What she knows for sure: "Being committed is the way to go. College life is no joke. You can't go to college and act like you did in high school. Don't go there and be lazy because if you do, then you will fail. You can't act immature."


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