Thursday, May 27, 2010

Women's Empowerment Seminar

The New York Urban League organized an amazing day of seminars, and workshops in which inner city high school female students had a chance to interact with professionals in the media, the arts, education, and literature.
Yes the students got to hear "real talk" about the challenges one faces along the path to achieving one's dream job. Whether visiting a news set, seeing the inner workings of various businesses,
or asking probing and clarifying questions and receiving forthright answers at a panel discussion, each young lady was confronted with the question, what is the cost of subjugating one's personality, and academic gifts just to fit in, or to accept the treatment of a "special someone."

The panel discussion that you see on the right included very real talk in which MJB, that's right, the MJB, asked questions that caused uncomfortable, knowing responses and deep, critical reflection.

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