Sunday, June 27, 2010

McKee Graduation - June 24, 2010

The students looked resplendent at the June 24th graduation ceremony at the St. George Theater. From the first strains of Pomp and Circumstance to the ending song of "Celebration" this years ceremony focused on the changes the students experienced, Click here to see the coverage of the ceremony in the Staten Island Advance.

The picture to the right captures the high spirits of Frank Festa (L) and David Canecchio (R). Graduations are part solemn tradition, and part good natured reflection on key points throughout the four years. Considering the extreme changes a cohort experiences in both the local, city, national and international stage, it definitely also includes a moment of acknowledgment of the range of issues foremost in the minds of the seniors.

The restoration of the architectural splendor of the St. George Theater is a wonder to behold. The particular photographer's shot of two seniors below, Dwight Briggs (L), and Miles Boyd (R) moments before they become seniors is symbolic. Note how the golden lighting encircling the chandelier represents the glow of peers, parents, and school family shining down on the students.OK - a bit too mushy. A high school diploma is just one rung on an educational ladder. The students will be moving on to encounter and wrestle with the next opportunity.

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