Sunday, June 13, 2010

McKee Student Athletes Club Throws A Car Wash

Remember June 5th? It was a orgeous, hot, Saturday morning.
Here's a peak behind the scenes.
Get a bunch of eager student athletes who realize that they must be proactive in fundraising so that they will be able to work towards affording a mode of transportation to the many different practices during the upcoming school year. Throw in a brush, soap and water plus true grit. What do you get? A car wash.

Hats off to the 15 student athletes who showed up and scrub-a-dub-dubbed the automobiles. It was a many pronged enterprise that involved Mr. Sarno (the auto teacher), Mr. Thomas (the Academics In Motion Coordinator), Ms. Mullen (the AP of Physical Education/Security), Ms. Dow (the school nurse), and Ms. Manley and Ms. McVey (the PTA President and parent coordinator) - who provided cool refreshing water.
It was all business as the student athletes ran down the hill towards the cross section of Victory Boulevard or St. Marks Place to encourage the community to support the car wash, which they did.

What did the principal do? Facilitated.

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