Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Principal's Meeting at the APPLE Store

I am still zooming from the enlightening Principal's meeting that occurred today at the 14th Street and 9th Avenue APPLE Store Headquarters.

So here are 5 key points that I learned that are way cool.

1. APPS is taking over the function of a browser. Plus there are so many APPS that are FREE.
2. ITunes has a University. This means professors are uploading their lectures and powerpoints from a wide range of colleges and universities, FOR FREE, at ITunes U.
3. Podcasts can be downloaded which is yet another way to be able to have access to stunning visual and audio material from an amazing range of shows. This is also - 95% FOR FREE.
---Audio books are a very easy way to reach a wide variety of learners.
---Set up a station with 5 -6 headsets.
4. Learning stations are the bomb-diggity. Students create products using pen and paper, or digital method - using video, pod cast, website or PowerPoint.
5. Students creating professional development about how to use technology is pithy, practical, and tickles the funny bone.

Stay tuned - I will be adding more to this entry.

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