Saturday, August 14, 2010

Using E-Chalk for the Updated McKee Website

Here I am, just learning how to upload files and links onto the E-Chalk site. I am not a natural at computers nor even at anything technical. I have to slog my way through the process. So here I am, at 10;55 PM, pushing myself to upload two of my favorite K-W-L charts onto the website. I finally did it. I also think that I am intoxicated with being able to link files to a website.

Here's a secret - it took me forever, and I mean several months before I even had the nerve to follow up placing anything onto the McKee website after the initial e-Chalk training. My brain just could not wrap around the concept. Finally, now that it is the summer, and I have enjoyed the best fruits of the summer, I decided to once and for all tackle the frontier of following the rules to input information onto the website. By the way, the new website is Welcome To The Home of the Soaring Seagulls. It's a bit long but I think it works.

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