Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Lovely Saturday - Breakfast and a Game

What a lovely way to spend a Saturday. The morning was spent at the Welcome Back Breakfast hosted by the PTA. Ms. Manley, looked most presidential and introduced the parents to the executive board. In addition, members of the staff dropped by such as Ms. Mullen (Assistant Principal of English, English Language Learners, and Science), Mr. Velija (Assistant Principal of Organization), Mr. Guarnieri (Assistant Principal of Music). We also heard from Ms. DiMare (guidance counselor) about credits, college, and career opportunities, and myself, who showed off the school website: By the way, Mr. Cohen (History teacher) stopped by with his children.

After knoshing on bagels, coffee, and fruit with parents in the morning, next was attending the Varsity football game between MSIT and George Washington High School at the MSIT field. On the, blazingly bright sunny afternoon, the Soaring Seagulls flew to a 26 to 12 victory over a tough competitor. On top of that, MSIT Varsity Soccer team beat Susan Wagner High School 2-0.

On a more personal note, it was great to have a rare afternoon off where I was on top of my paperwork to be able to catch a high school football game. This is what comes of now starting my fourth year as a principal. Being a principal is a constant learning experience. While it is nice to see policies reinforced and implemented, it is also a part of the job to always tweak, fine tune, and incorporate changes.

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