Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Principal For A Day

So how was the Principal for A Day event on October 7th? Great. Ms. Contrino sat down with the executive board of the Student Council. Our central goal is to always upgrade our branding of the school. The term "branding" means to publicize the good works of the school so that the name of McKee generates a positive impression.
The PENCIL luncheon on October 7th was a blast. From left to right Maurice DuBois (Anchor, WCBS-TV - as if he needs identification) me, and Valarie Contrino (McKee's Principal For A Day).
I was a panelist in the afternoon session and contributed my two cents about the impact business partnerships have on the schools.
The central point was that establishing a specific, measurable goal is important along with just "being there" when promised. Students, no matter their age, hold adults to the standard of 'you said you were going to show up at the appointed time.'

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