Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Take Your Child to Work Day At McKee

The pictures below reflect only a small portion of the staff members who brought their children to work. What was on the agenda you ask?
8-8:45 - Meet and greet in the principal's office + breakfast
8:47-9:33 - Pledge and tour of the building.
9:35-10:18 - Robotics demonstration
10:20-11:48 - Visitation to Junior Shops / Open Gym
11:50-12:33 - Lunch (Ah - the delights of pizza)
12:35-2:03 - Visitation to Sophomore Shops

The high school students who accompanied their parents were a bit camera shy. No matter.

The review: a good time was had by all. The students (and the parents) went home smiling and exhausted.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

McKee Students to Participate In Inaugural Class of Fellows

Check out the cool news I received on Thursday from Ms. Twinkle Morgan:

Dear Principal Henry and Mr. Lucci,

In the words of Frank Sinatra, “Start spreading the news!”

The Fellowship Initiative (“TFI”) is thrilled to announce that after countless hours of careful application review, insightful interview debrief, and rich debate thoroughly examining each candidate, results are finally in. TFI’s Selection Committee, its Executive Leadership, as well as its Program Partners are pleased to invite the following Ralph R. McKee Career Technology High School students to participate in the inaugural class of Fellows.

Kin Chung Choo

Kenneth Alphonso

Regina "Reggie" Fredericks

Samuel Conteh

Click here to find out more information about The Fellowship Initiative.

Business Leader for a Day

I wanted to take a moment to relay to you the highly informative experience I had with Ms. Contrino for "Business Leader for A Day" on April 14th, 2010. The experience was fulfilling, multi-faceted, and distinctive in that while I witnessed Ms. Contrino's business acumen and coherency in communicating her goals, objectives and plans, it also simulated a "mini-vacation" experience crafted by a knowledgeable travel adviser.

The Power Of Students Summarizing in the Middle & the End

There is power in having students summarize in the middle and at the end of a lesson. Why? It helps the teacher see how many students really get what is being presented in the class.

Group work is great, but do you know if each student in the class understood the process and the goals to be achieved?

It's 15 minutes into a lesson. As a teacher you may be getting the feeling, do the students really understand the skills and the content. It is a perfect time to stop and take 1-2 minutes to have students indicate what they have processed so far in the lesson.

Click here to see the Reflective Journal handout as suggested by AVID.

Look at the first question in the handout. It is perfect to have students describe either the objective, the skill, or the path to be able to solve the problem or address the situation that is being presented.

Now here is the tough part - DON'T REPEAT THE STUDENT ANSWERS. Use the arrow of recitation or have students call on one of their peers to either repeat or add on the answer.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

SI Career Coaches in the SI Advance

You know what is the mark of a mentor? They show up and coherently communicate to the students and the larger school community what it takes to carve a station in the global market place.

Click here to check out the fabulous businesspeople who took time from their incredibly busy lives to help the students of Ralph R. McKee Career and Technical Education High School.

Oh, by the way, McKee Vocational & Technical High School still means us.

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