Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Process of Teacher Teams

Wednesday is the day that the staff at McKee chooses to meet for Teacher Teams. Right now, during the month of September we are in the capacity building phase. We are asking the tougher questions - well actually we are starting with really looking at the particular question: Can you justify a decision that you made in planning today's lesson that was based on a previous experience using classroom data?

What was the strategy? Ms. Mullen (AP ELA/ELL/FL/Science) and I commandeered the computer labs and split the staff in two groups. First we had teachers indicate what they thought were some of the answers. Next we had the had teachers log onto ARIS to understand the power of grouping students.

What were the growth points

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Welcome Back Breakfast is On for October 2nd

Calling all Parents, Guardians and Caregivers! We cordially invite you to stop by and knosh on breakfast with members of the McKee Staff and administration.

Disney's Dreamer's Academy

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RIGHT NOW, you need to click here in order to nominate yourself to be considered for Disney's Dreamers Academy. It is a contest, sponsored by Steve Harvey in conjunction with the Disney Corporation to create a unique mentoring experience.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

McKee High School Website

For the latest information about all things McKee, click here to see the new McKee website.
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To get information about each department's contract, and pedagogical strategies, check the school website.
To contact the teachers, check the school website.

This year's directive on the national, state and citywide level is to focus on teachers meeting together during the school week in order to critically look at student work. As covered in the news, NYC needs to improve the ability of the students to perform on the test results. The gauntlet has been thrown down - we must work together to help our students not only be proficient in the subject areas, but also to have the skills to matriculate through college. McKee High School's teachers voted in an SBO to have a professional development period called PDP we are going to be looking at the process of teacher teams throughout the year.

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