Friday, February 18, 2011

Building Towers in CISCO

A senior, Victoria Caldwell, descends from the 3rd floor with her flash drive saying: “I was sent to you by the Gods.” I laugh and say, “What do you mean?” She said, “Take a look at how we are building our own computers in CISCO.” I excitedly upload the pictures, click on the first one and I am treated to a positively delightful array of photos showing young ladies and young men building their own towers. A tower is the brain part of the computer. Ms. Victoria Caldwell, who also happens to be the president and founder of the McKee Big Brother and Big Sister program, explains the difference between a whole computer and a tower by saying: The tower is the brain and the monitor is the screen. We are focusing on the tower because without the tower there is no computer. The tower is the main function of the computer. One cannot access any information without the key component. When we got the tower, there was nothing in it. It was completely empty. We were responsible for putting in the motherboard, CPU, CD drive, DVD drives, the fan, wiring, RAM (a chip installed into the computer that helps the motherboard work). We installed different products to make the tower work.”

Look and enjoy. I know I did.

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