Monday, February 7, 2011

Reminders for the Beginning of the Spring Semester

The goal this second week of the spring term is to reinforce rules and regulations, engage students, and practice easy to use activities tied to helping students of different abilities to learn. All of the ideas, and graphic organizers are on under “The Tools.”
They are:
1. Integrating the smartboard into lessons
2. K-W-L - (really SQ3R)
3. Think-Pair - (check
4. Ball Toss – a neat way to do medial or final summaries in a lesson. Use a beach ball or small stuffed animal. Here are the rules:
• Teachers says – “Here’s the information ball. Time to review.” Start with the teacher tossing ball to individual students.
• Students can refer to their notes.
• Always toss the ball underhanded
• Take time responding to questions but only speak when one is in possession of the ball
• Build 2 small teams in which students must cite correct facts, spellings, definitions, procedures, or lists covered in the lesson.
5. Representative music/visuals/video clips of the time period (5-7 minutes at the most).

These are all strategies I used when I taught. The research to support using the activities is in Eric Jensen’s Brain Compatible Strategies.

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