Sunday, June 12, 2011

Year 2 AVID Students at Freshmen Orientation

AVID students, + Ms. Z (L) and Ms. M. (R) were corralled by me where I took their picture in the general office before the session about their growth in year 2 of AVID. At the session, in front of 30-35 families, powerful testimony was provided by the students about their experiences in AVID and how they have changed their perspective about school and the future.
AVID provides a method of organization, college readiness, support structure through pre-service teachers as tutors, the advisory process, and a team of teachers focusing on a cohort of students for four years. It takes work. It takes constant monitoring.

There are several ingredients that must go right in order for AVID to work. First is having teachers willing to pay the initial cost and then get a reimbursement. Once at the week long seminar, there has to be the acceptance and overview of the principles behind the program. Then it's about actually bringing it back and actually putting the pieces into place. Having a motivated supervisor, and staff that work together in their team meetings to zero in on instructional strategies, goals, expectations, outreach and intervention is a blessing - and must be maintained.

This year we became AVID certified which is a neat accomplishment. The fact that we are a CTE, AVID certified school makes it notable.

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