Sunday, August 14, 2011

Organizing Your Classroom

1. Find out if you share the classroom or if you are in the same classroom the entire day.
Designate specific sections of the room for materials, dictionaries, textbooks, etc.

By the way, 99 cent stores are great for small storage containers where you can store magic markers that you can then distribute when there is group work.
Always work out the areas of the room and the drawers one can use with the teacher with whom you share the room.

The SMART board is your friend and a powerful tool.

Never cover the SMART board with chart paper. Start simple with using it for PowerPoints. Connect with a colleague who is comfortable with showing basic steps about using a smartboard. Download Smartnotebook 10.8 to your PC or MAC. One can get the code from Ms. Henry.

2. Folders that are labeled are your friends. For example: Put the handout on the outside of the folder and place the handouts inside the folder. Place the folders inside a file cabinet, if one is in your room, or in a portable cabinet. It makes it easier to find. Get a storage system that you can label.

3. Make sure that you have a box that you walk around to collect the homework. Put it in a storage area for that particular class period.

4. Set up a system for collecting the homework. For example: period 1 turns in homework; Tuesday - period 2 turns in homework, etc. Again, make sure it goes into a storage case.

5. Return the homework within 24 to 48 hours. GRADED. Use a rubric. The comments on the homework come from the rubric.
The easiest, no fuss site for every type of rubric possible is from

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