Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Two great SMART board training workshops - Differentiation + IPad

I just returned from two amazing summer courses provided by Teq Equipment for $35 each at their Lexington Avenue Address. The first workshop dealt with strategies to use with the SMART board to differentiate lessons. It truly emphasized a literacy approach.

First step is to download SMART Notebook onto my MAC. I encouraged my teachers to download onto their laptops and forgot to do it on mine.

The big key, in light of Common Core Learning Standards Initiative (CCLS) is to do the following:
--select the standards for the unit (we were given three from the DOE)
--be mindful of the assessment
--look at a lesson and make sure that the resources one exposes the students to appeal to several elements: visual, audio, and kinesthetic that directly relates to the content.
--have students come up to the SMART board to either explain an answer.
--have students generate presentations based on content covered in a series of lessons

Second step, go through my notes and practice looking at the different sites that were suggested by the very patient and coherent trainers.

In the afternoon I attended Learning with the Ipad. Very cool APPS were recommended that help to aggregate other types of files such as Evernote

and Fiipboard which collects and one is able to organize news feeds.

A great site that helps to promote literacy is DIIGO. One registers onto the DIIGO website. Browse to one's favorite website that has content one wishes the students to view and understand. Upon following the step by step directions from the DIIGO site, one is able to have students annotate text and respond to questions. Here's another great point about DIIGO, it's FREE.

I came away from the second workshop realizing I had no idea the wonderful array of activities one can access and have the students do using the iPad. The key word is practice, practice, practice so that I am able to impart some of this information to the faculty.

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