Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Skills USA is at McKee High School

McKee High School is now part of the international organization called Skills USA. This is a wonderful organization that promotes excellence in career and technical areas.

For those in the know Skills USA used to be called WICA.

Right now we have two advisors: Mr. J. Reynoso and Mr. D. Sarno.
We have student officers elected by their peers in the CTE programs.
Skills USA Officers 2011-2012:
President- Damiano Mastrandrea
VP - Krystian Sidorski
Treasurer - Greta Schaller
Secretary - Alkaya Massaly

Now we need help to support our students. Click here to "chip in" to help McKee send our students to regional conference in November 2011 and to nationals in April 2012.
"Every "chip in" helps.

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