Tuesday, November 29, 2011

20 Incredible TED Talks You Should Show Your High School Students

I always appreciate websites that "push" one's thinking. I really appreciate websites that parents can use to help promote conversations with their children about important issues.

One of the most delightful websites is TED.com. Click here and you will see 20 really neat talks that will help high school students not only negotiate their secondary school experience, but also provide a pathway to college and insight into the concept of "lifelong learning."

Monday, November 28, 2011

MSIT Boys Varsity football Team Wins PSAL Cup 2011

To win the PSAL Cup Division Championship once is a very hard feat. MSIT is a team made up of two schools. Half the team members have to travel to the other school to practice. MSIT won the PSAL Cup Division in 2010.

Stunningly, MSIT has won the PSAL Cup Division football title - again - in 2011. I was there on Sunday, November 27, 2011 and witnessed a team perform magic. Click here to see the details from the Staten Island Advance. Click here to see the details in the New York Daily News.

It was joyous to see the young men and the coaching staff exuberant in their victory and also gracious in their displays of sportsmanship to South Shore. South Shore's football team played hard, smart, and swift.

Post game - I feel like I am walking on a cloud. My voice now sounds like a fog horn. I will be drinking lots of tea with agave and lemon to soothe my throat. What a weekend! I'll probably wake up tomorrow just to look at the newspapers to see if what I witnessed on a gloriously warm November day actually occurred.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Need to Understand Physics? Check out Khan Academy

Need to get a handle on Physics. Click here to check out Khan Academy. Mr. Salmon Khan gives clear visual descriptions of the topics within Physics that will help any student prepare for their classwork and for the Physics Regents.
Khan Academy is free. Let me write that again. Khan Academy is free, online learning that is extremely user-friendly. Click here and then scroll down to Physics. The site also provides an opportunity for one to practice, gain points and see one's progress.

Need Help with SAT Math - Check out Khan Academy

Salmon Khan is a brilliant man with a knack for explaining key ideas on the SAT Math. In fact he goes through the entire range of math on the SAT. Don't believe me. Check it out by clicking here you will see what I mean. Scroll down and you will see a range of subjects that Mr. Khan talks about. If you don't understand, play the videos again. Mr. Khan provides clear, simple visuals.
You can even gain points if you log in using a GMAIL account. It appeals to those who like to gain points to show that you understand what Mr. Khan is showing you on the video. By the way, it is FREE. It is fun, user-friendly, online learning.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Need help in Math - Try Khan Academy

For clear, concise explanations about math, click here to check out Khan Academy.
Salmon Khan is a former banking executive who has created short clips that clearly explains math.
In fact it's visual outline and dictionary with examples of any subject. You can jump ahead to any topic that you want. The clips are short and sweet. Click here and check out the video that will broaden your horizons.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

McKee High School Partners with Scholars At Work

For the first time, Scholars at Work will partner with McKee High School. It is great to see that the mayor's focus on career and technical education has significantly enhanced the willingness of organizations and companies to establish links with career and technical educational schools.

It is a win-win situation. The students get to experience a job shadowing, or possibly an internship situation afterschool that reflects their career interests or it might provoke an interest in an aspect of a career they had formerly not considered. The first meeting will be on Monday, November 7th. Stay tuned for updates.

McKee High School Hosts Cluster 4 Parent Engagement Conference

On November 10th, 5:30-7:30 PM, McKee High School will host Cluster 4's Parent Engagement Conference. Yours truly will be the keynote speaker. The evening will focus of the evening will be
1. Dealing with the DOE from elementary to high school
2. What's this about common core curriculum standards?
3. My child's in high school. How does he or her get to college?

Then there will be a panel discussion. This is the cool part because this is where we get students to talk about what it took for them to negotiate the school system. In the final analysis. After everything is said and done, after the nurturing, the talking, the prodding, and the pushing, it comes down to the student reaching his or her potential and reaching for the next rung on the educational ladder.

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