Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What is a print rich environment?


The Print Environment in a classroom serves as an aid to achieve a welcoming, supportive and ideal instructional environment for students. The Print Rich Environment PDP team has identified three element of a Print Rich Environment in a classroom. The elements are

• Function: Aids student with visual reminders about how to function act, behave and follow procedures in class

• Instruction: Aids students in learning academic concepts, processes, ideas strategies and standards.

• Literacy: Aids students in achieving literacy skills in all content areas and meeting standards for college and career readiness


____ Class rules and expectations for behavior are posted and written with a positive

_____ Vvgosky Model steps are posted

____ Technology: Smart Board, C.O.W is operational, well maintained and prominent.

____ The “description” of what a 9th, 10th, 11th 12th grader should “look like” (common
core standards)

____ Materials such as large paper, markers, pencils etc. are in a designated place for
Student use

_____White board is neat and clean

_____Flexibility in seating for small group, whole class and independent work is apparent.

_____There is no evidence of clutter. The entire room is clutter free.


_____ Upon entering the classroom the present unit of study is apparent. Vocabulary,
Important concepts “parking lot for ideas” and essential questions are posted.

______ Recent student work (within 10 days) is displayed

______ Learning styles are posted

______ Ways to learn for each learning style are posted.

______ The print environment is not “Print Heavy” which would distract and confuse

______ Instructional Aids( based on formative assesments) generated by teacher with
With students are posted

______ Vvgosky Model is displayed clearly for students and teachers to follow during
_______ Essential Questions themes “Big Ideas” for the present unit of study posted in the
______ Parking lot for Student Questions and ideas.


_______ Strategies for making inferences and reading strategies are displayed. Displayed
Literacy strategies are based on assessment( student need) and learning styles.
_______ Differences in writing for “texting” and writing for scholarship, posted in room

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