Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Power to the Mini Book

Went to a PD and there were two major take aways.
1. Mini Books are useful. At the end of a unit, a lesson, at a speaking event, the students are to take a hand-made mini-book and fill it with details they need to remember about a topic, a trip, a video, a scene, a speaker, a poem, etc. Students present or critique each other’s mini books using a rubric ( – pick project rubric).
Here’s how you make a “Mini Book”.
The only material you need to make a mini book is a piece of paper. Make your folds crispy clean. (Oy! I can’t help myself. I must be thinking about donuts.)

Step 1. Hold a piece of paper the portrait way, and fold your paper in half.
Step 2. Fold the paper in half again. It looks like a hot dog bun.
Step 3. Fold the hot dog bun in half to form a mini hot dog fold.
Step 4. Unfold the last two folds so you have the big hamburger bun fold again.
Step 5. Holding the paper with the folded edge at the top, place both sets of your fingers on the center of the folded edge, and gently tear the folded line half way down.
Step 6. Unfold the paper completely. You should see a hole in the middle of your paper.
Step 7. Hold your paper the landscape way, and fold your paper in half
Step 8. Hold both ends of the bun, and push the ends in so the middle pops out.
Step 9. Fold the pages into a mini book. You will have a front cover, six inside pages, and a back cover.

2. Students need opportunities to process the information. Practice. Need help --> check “The Tools”. Need help --> see your AP. Need help --> visit your colleagues. Need help --> see the P in room 111. Practice.

Monday, February 27, 2012

"What America Means To Me" Essay Contest Winners

McKee High School is proud to have an inclusion program with the Hungerford School. Kudos and congratulations to Thurman Brown, Deonte Hunter, and Michelline Johnson who received top honors in the "What America Means to Me" Essay Contest sponsored by the South Shore Democratic Club. Click here to see the article featured in the Staten Island Advance.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Scholars At Work Readiness Report

I am ready to head home and I start receiving lovely emails. Here's one that brings a smile to my face. The following McKee students completed Work Readiness training today, Friday, February 17, 2012:

Michael Handelman
Noel Morton
Devon Williams
Lejun Williams
Kevin Foster
Noel Torres

I offer my deepest gratitude to Mary Wyciechowski who is the
Internship Coordinator of Workforce1 Industrial & Transportation Career Center

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Skills USA Citywide Competition - Saturday morning

It's 4 a.m. Saturday morning - February 11th, 2012. I am sure there are other people who are snug in their beds. Quickly it becomes 5:15 AM and I am heading towards Starbucks to get a vente skim latte with two equal before heading off to school to greet the students who are scheduled to take the bus from McKee to Thomas Edison High School, which is located in Queens.

That's right - 34 students showed up, in the snow, looking marvelous. Armed with my iPad, I told the Skills USA members to line up so that I could take a picture. I was mainly mumbling because I have trouble articulating without drinking coffee in the morning. The students were bright eyed and unaffected by the weather - ready to take on formidable competition in the first citywide Skills USA event in over 40 years in New York City.

Words can not begin to express my gratitude to the parents/guardians and caregivers who were outside McKee, in their cars, while I dashed in at 6:15 a.m. to open up the auditorium entrance. Words can not begin to express my gratitude to the Skills USA advisers: Mr. Reynoso and Mr. Sarno. Additionally, I want to thank Mr. Reynoso's wife (who also chaperoned), and a wonderful paraprofessional, Mr. DeSilva.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Outstanding UFT CTE Awards

Dennis O'Connell, our Construction Teacher, is the recipient of the Outstanding UFT CTE Teacher of the Year from Ralph McKee CTE High School. He was joined by his colleagues. In the picture (from left to right) Dennis O'Connell, Leo Grodon; (standing) Mary Parente, and David Sarno. Also present was Elisa Baptista and yours truly.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

SkillsUSA New York City Competition on February 11, 2012

SkillsUSA New York City Competition will occur at Thomas Edison High School on Saturday, February 11, 2012. Click here to see the flyer. McKee High School will have several teams entered.

New York City has not had a SkillsUSA competition in many years. It is incredibly exciting. Yesterday 2 faculty advisers met with 39 students going over the rules and regulations.

Exciting times are brewing. Stay tuned!

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