Monday, March 19, 2012

McKee High School's Team 522 are the 2012 FRC NYC Regional Winners

The picture says it all. Ralph R. McKee High School, Team 522 - the winners in the 2012 FIRST Robotics Competition NYC Regional.

Cooperative alliances that work collaboratively are a powerful force.
Click here to see the rankings and awards from the 2012 FRC New York City Regional.

Click here to check out the finals - Round 1.

Click here to check out Round 3 of the finals- the last round.
To win the finals, Team 522, along with their alliance partners, Team 1635 Team 125, had to win 2 out of the 3 rounds. We won rounds 1 and 3. Way cool to cut the net.

Click here to check out a neat perspective on the matches at the 2012 FRC New York Regional known as Chief Delphi Thread.

Click here for a "robot' eye view of the triple balance.

For 3 days, it was a STEM extravaganza - 66 Teams, 16 rounds of competition, sportsmanship,strategy, and creativity. Plus there was a good dose of calorie-burning cheering and line dancing in between the set ups of the rounds.
What a weekend!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

NYC Regionals FIRST Robotics Competition Mar. 16-18, 2012

Do you know where I was after superving Saturda School? I went to the Jacob Javits Center to check out and cheer the Robo Wizards as they went into a tough field against 65 other teams.

FIRST is a celebration of students using STEM, creativity, and strategic thinking to demonstrate how their robots are able to outmaneuver opponents, gain points, and balance on an extremely slick surface.

In between the matches, and there are many, the students do line dances to popular favorite tunes. Different team mascots parade on the first floor. There is a spirit of sportsmanship as well as vested interest in cheering on one's team when the robot and the drivers are on the field. Check out the cheering section for the Robo Wizards. Team 522's mascot wearer - Malcolm Lewis - of course. I wonder if you can guess which one he is.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Staten Island Career Coaches at McKee - 3rd Year in a Row

The Staten Island Career Coaches (SICC) work with McKee upper class men on resume building, and developing job interview skills.
During the 3-week program, the coaches mentor McKee’s juniors and seniors in identifying strengths and developing strategies to best communicate their assets to potential employers, apprenticeships, and colleges.

The SICC program, now in its 3rd year at Mckee, has established impressive statistics. Last year, after completing the SICC program, 15 students were interviewed and 10 received job placement through Workforce1, a service provided by the NYC Department of Small Business Services. One student received a Graphic Design internship with Coach Carol DiMarco, owner of Blue Label Design. This school year, 6 students from the SICC program are working in specialized internships through Workforce1 and 20 students are currently participating in the Pencil Fellows internship program.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Results from the Area 5, New York City Skills USA Competition

After several decades, McKee High School is back, participating in Skills USA competitions. In fact, all of New York City made a grand re-entry into Skills USA competition. Skills USA is an international organization that celebrates leadership, academic and masterywithin career and technical education programs.

The citywide Skills USA competition was held at Thomas Edison High School. 11 CTE schools participated. There were many categories. 63 awards were distributed.

The results from the February 2012 AREA 5, New York City Skills USA Competition for McKee High School:

Opening & closing ceremonies - 2nd place - Anthony Monte,Jessie Blaylock, Saffi Hadi, Steven Lee, Alkaya Massaly, Piero, Ochoa, Carmen Roman

Pin Design - 2nd place - Janet Oyewole

Architectural drafting - 3rd place - Matthew Olszewski

Extemporaneous speaking - 3rd place - Dante Rumph

Job Demo Open - 3rd place - Ryan Wong

Prepared Speech - 3rd place - Michael Peters

Related technical math - 3rd place - Diane De La Cruz

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