Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Results from the Area 5, New York City Skills USA Competition

After several decades, McKee High School is back, participating in Skills USA competitions. In fact, all of New York City made a grand re-entry into Skills USA competition. Skills USA is an international organization that celebrates leadership, academic and masterywithin career and technical education programs.

The citywide Skills USA competition was held at Thomas Edison High School. 11 CTE schools participated. There were many categories. 63 awards were distributed.

The results from the February 2012 AREA 5, New York City Skills USA Competition for McKee High School:

Opening & closing ceremonies - 2nd place - Anthony Monte,Jessie Blaylock, Saffi Hadi, Steven Lee, Alkaya Massaly, Piero, Ochoa, Carmen Roman

Pin Design - 2nd place - Janet Oyewole

Architectural drafting - 3rd place - Matthew Olszewski

Extemporaneous speaking - 3rd place - Dante Rumph

Job Demo Open - 3rd place - Ryan Wong

Prepared Speech - 3rd place - Michael Peters

Related technical math - 3rd place - Diane De La Cruz

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