Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Staten Island Career Coaches at McKee - 3rd Year in a Row

The Staten Island Career Coaches (SICC) work with McKee upper class men on resume building, and developing job interview skills.
During the 3-week program, the coaches mentor McKee’s juniors and seniors in identifying strengths and developing strategies to best communicate their assets to potential employers, apprenticeships, and colleges.

The SICC program, now in its 3rd year at Mckee, has established impressive statistics. Last year, after completing the SICC program, 15 students were interviewed and 10 received job placement through Workforce1, a service provided by the NYC Department of Small Business Services. One student received a Graphic Design internship with Coach Carol DiMarco, owner of Blue Label Design. This school year, 6 students from the SICC program are working in specialized internships through Workforce1 and 20 students are currently participating in the Pencil Fellows internship program.

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