Saturday, April 21, 2012

Antique Auto Club Visits McKee

It's Friday, 3 p.m. and I see a small group of students heading down to the Auto shop. I remember that Mr. Sarno, the Automotive teacher, established contact with the Antique Automotive Club. The representatives said they wanted to see if students wanted to learn about restoring and repairing antique custom automobiles. The first meeting occurred in February and about 4-5 students showed up. I was pleasantly surprised (remember it's Friday, after school)

Now it is two months later, a Friday, and I check in on the activity -
The students have been introduced to different cars every two weeks. There was an air of deep appreciation, looking at the lines of the car, and the many other details that are all part of the restoration efforts of the members. The driver of the yellow hot rod indicated it took 2 years to build it. It's a fiberglass body on a 1928 chassis. The students had to explain that to me. They also had to explain the difference between a chassis and a body.

Entering into the shop, I see students listening to one of the representatives from the Antique Automobile Club as they stare in appreciation at the cars. I think I actually hear a little choir singing "ah - the beauty of a car." Mr. Sarno then tells the students it's time to go into the other room and learn about another facet about another mechanical feature from one of the members from the Antique Automotive Club.

It is cool to see students have an opportunity to be introduced to another career path within the automotive field. Frankly, I was not aware of the international organization of the Antique Automobile Club. Four students have now be joined by more students. I did not realize that the extracurricular activity would attract the interest of the students. I am grateful that through Mr. Sarno's efforts of expanding the range and type of activities for the automotive students at McKee creates opportunities for businesses to share information. It will be interesting to see how this extracurricular activity develops.

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